Springtime Splendor: A Food and Wine Journey Through Sardinia

Hello, fellow travel and food enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a virtual journey to the enchanting island of Sardinia. We’ll be exploring the “Visit Sardinia VIP” Mediterranean Spring Food and Wine Tour. This is not just a tour; it’s an immersive experience that takes us through time, history, and the flavorful diversity of Sardinian cuisine.

Blooming spring in Sardinia

Springtime Sardinia

Spring in Sardinia is truly a sight to behold. The island becomes a vibrant canvas of blooming flowers, offering a spectacle of colors and tantalizing scents. It’s during this time that Sardinia unveils its new season culinary delights and soul-soothing wines. The “Carrera de Sos Sabores” (Road of Tastes) is not just an epicurean adventure but a journey into the heart of Sardinian culture and millennial traditions.

The Sardinian Culinary Experience

Sardinia is not just about its picturesque landscapes or its rich history; its culinary prowess is something that deserves a standing ovation. This tour offers a deep dive into the diverse cuisines of specific regions, each with its unique history and flavors. Expect emotions to run high, senses to be delighted, and palates to be satisfied with genuine food and exquisite wine. What makes this tour even more special is the friendly staff and the familial atmosphere that will make you feel like a local.

The Sardinian Gastronomy Season

Sardinia, the island of longevity and home to a large number of centenarians, holds the secrets of ancient cuisine and culture. The island’s cuisine is a surprise box, with the world’s largest variety of bread (more than 400!). Every day on the island is an opportunity to discover new tastes, hidden gems, and breathtaking views.

IMG 2357 Fotor

Tour Highlights

The tour is not just about eating and drinking; it’s about living the Sardinian life. You’ll be staying in beautiful hotels, dining in charming, family-run wineries, and tasting Sardinian wines known for their health benefits. You’ll also learn about the “Blue Zone,” an area with the largest number of centenarians in the world, and discover the secrets of longevity in Sardinia. Every day promises a different side of Sardinia and a unique experience.

The Spring Beach Season

Spring in Sardinia is when the beach season is warming up. Imagine enjoying excellent food and wine, surrounded by local beauty and the warm spring sun. It’s an experience that will make you fall in love with Sardinia.

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A Sneak Peek into the Sardinian Journey

Our journey begins with an arrival at Alghero airport, followed by a tour of the famous Coral Riviera and a hike in Porto Conte Natural Marine Park. The first day ends with a traditional dinner in a Sardinian village, where you can taste the essence of Sardinian cuisine.

On the second day, we explore the town of Alghero, founded in the 12th century by the powerful Doria family of Genoa. We’ll also visit a beautiful family-run winery that produces spectacular premium Alghero wines.

The journey continues with more days of exploring, eating, and drinking, each day uncovering a new facet of Sardinian life. This is just a brief glimpse; the real magic is in the experience itself.

Alghero Foradadda
Sardinia village cheese making

Riviera del Corallo tour or Hiking in Porto Conte Natural Marine Park
An exciting journey along one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts – famous Coral Riviera, so called because of the presence of rare corals of the extraordinary beauty, and famous Alghero jewelry. The marine park of Porto Conte, the highest point of the promontory of Capo Caccia (Hunter Cape), the magnificent Neptune’s Grotto by the famous stairs Cabirol consisting of 656 steps, along with the huge rocks. These caves are 2 million years old and they are one of the largest in Europe. The regional park of Porto Conte, the Geo-Mineralogical-Environmental Park of Sardinia, the reserve of Mount Minerva, the reserve of Capo Marargiu, Motresta crest, are just some of the places where you can learn another way to travel: a slow walk, more or less challenging, to discover the beauty of an area, its history and its most hidden aspects. We will guide you along little-known trails, reaching the starting point by jeep. Hike is depending on the weather conditions.

“In Sardigna” – “Life in Sardinia”, the homeland of “pecorino” cheese, traditional dinner in Sardinian village. 
An unforgettable journey into the traditional life of Sardinia, culture and cuisine of the island in a typical Sardinian village. This is a special day that you can not miss while you are on the island. Agriturismo – traditional farm, reveals the essence of the mood in Sardinia, where the owners keep the traditions of the island. All products from the farm are homemade, cooked according to the old traditions and are the basis of the Sardinian cuisine – different varieties of typical sheep’s cheese “pecorino”, sausages, typical home-made pasta, bread, meat, sweets, wine and liqueurs.

It’s a real familiarity with the culture, traditions and typical cuisine of the island, which can be discovered here. The culmination of the traditional Sardinian cuisine – the famous “porchetto arosto” (or «porceddu» in Sardinian language) – suckling pig roasted on a spit for several hours in a special way how it was cooked by Sardinian shepherds for centuries or goat meat cooked in a traditional way. It offers a variety of unique traditional dishes and wines.

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3 day


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Alghero Walking Tour
The town was founded in the 12th century the powerful Doria family of Genoa, who ruled it for centuries, then was captured by the Aragonese and further developed under their influence. Under the crown of Aragon, Alghero has reached its peak as a fortress: the deep bond of the past is still evident in the local dialect, and the Aragonese style of the ancient city appears constantly in the old city walls, churches, houses and roads. The old town can be called a true treasure of history, culture and archeological sites. Alghero was and is a city of charm, ideal for those who love the typical features of the past of old Europe under the strong influence of the Aragonese domination. Currently, it is one of the most famous, the pleasant and relaxing, romantic landscapes, as well as shops, supermarkets and restaurants

Family winery and Alghero wines, food tastings and cooking class
Visit a beautiful PALMAS winery we manage exclusively. You will see one of the most beautiful places where the magical Sardinian “cannonau” is born – wine of longevity, which has become a symbol of Sardinia, spectacular, refined and full of island flavors, among beautiful vineyards. Situated on the picturesque green hills and covering the territory of 75 hectars, between the medieval city of Alghero, the pearl of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts Coral Riviera, and the northern capital the ancient city of Sassari, surrounded by old vineyards, olive groves, citrus orchards and Mediterranean plants, here the family produces spetacular premium Alghero wines characterized by flavors of Mediterranean nature, sea, local soil and wind, different grape varieties, with vines of both the typical local “cannonau” and “vermentino”, and international varieties: Vermentino di Sardegna DOP (Golden Meday VinItaly); Cannonau di Sardegna DOP; Alghero Cabernet DOP; Alghero Cabernet DOP “Riserva” (3 wineglasses Gambero Rosso); Syrah IGP Isola dei Nuraghi.

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Winemaking has deep roots in Sardinia, dating back thousands of years as evidenced by discoveries of amphorae containing wine residue from excavations of necropolises estimated to be 3 to 5 thousand years old. The island hosts the greatest diversity of indigenous grape varieties, not just traditional ones but also uniquely Sardinian grapes.
The red “bovale” grape of the south, white “vernaccia” from Oristano, and red-ruby ” cagnulari” found only in the northwest around Sassari and labeled “the wine of the next 20 years” by wine expert Robert Parker. Sardinia is also renowned globally for its signature red “cannonau” grape grown throughout the island. It has the highest polyphenol content, helping preserve vitality.
Each region of Sardinia has distinct features, native grape varieties, and wine production methods. Visitors can sample an immense range of wines differing by origin and soil composition. In recent years, Sardinian wines have captivated experts and conquered world markets.
For our exclusive wine tours,we select small family-run wineries where traditions are passed between generations. Art and soul imbue the wines, rendering them unique. Each wine reflects the flavors of the land from which the grapes grow.
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Culinary master class with our chef on cooking Sardinian pasta in the traditional way

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4 day


Sardinia Castelsardo church

Tour to Castelsardo – Sardinian Castle 
Driving along the breathtaking coast through the northern panorama, we are approaching the delightful medieval town of Castelsardo of the 12th century, which stands on a promontory in the center of the Asinara Gulf. The time is stopped here, its small old streets climb from the hill to the top, where stands the ancient castle of Doria, blowing us in the past centuries. Beautiful, breathtaking landscape from the top of the chapel on the sea around the island of Asinara and Corsica. Castelsardo is famous for traditional Sardinian handicraft and typical hand-made local baskets. Visit Roccia dell’Elefante (Elephant Rock) – the famous rock in the natural form of an elephant and a prehistoric burial «domus de janas» of prenuragic period, approx. 5000 years.

Sardinian sea-food experience in the famous local restaurant
Sardinian seafood cuisine is one of the most delicious in the Mediterranean, the true paradise for seafood lovers, its beautiful crystal-clear sea offers the variety of exquisite fresh fish and local seafood.

Sardinia seafood restaurant

Tasting special menu with the unique dishes of the local seafood cuisine by a famous chef. Variety of special starters based on the seasonal products, vegetables, fish and seafood of the territory accompanied by the best Sardinian wines, local sweets and liquors of the territory.

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5 day


DSC 0011
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Tour to the Nuraghe Santu Antine of Torralba
Sardinia is the most ancient civilization in the Mediterranean. A unique tour to the ancient monuments, Nuragic complex, approx. 3900 years, which is an important example of prehistoric architecture of the Mediterranean.
Nuraghe (huge conical stone towers), the sacred wells, the Tomb of the Giants, and Meniere’s – show the ancient culture, which existed in Sardinia 5-7 thousand years ago. The towers are built of huge stones without cords with knowledge of mathematics and architecture and are still a mystery of prehistoric civilization.

Art of Italian aperitif
The culture of aperitif is very typical in Italy and in Sassari it has a special sence. The aperitif time in the local bars starts after 11:00 am before lunch and after 5:00 pm before dinner. We invite you for local aperitif tasting in one of famous bars.

Lunch “Taste and flavors of the ancient land” in the typical “panefratteria”
Original cuisine according to the ancient recipes of the island made only with bread. Sardinia is the richest region in the world for the varieties of bread, you will discover what means “panefratteria” and unique dishes from bread which the local people in inland villages used to cook since ancient times. Amazing dishes from different types of Sardinian bread: appetizers, first courses and even desserts!


6 day


IMG 0457
IMG 9324

Gallura is a northeastern region of Sardinia, characterized by a rugged coastline, beautiful bays and picturesque beaches, granite cliffs and cork oak forests, numerous islands, including Tavolara and the Maddalena Archipelago, and is one of the most popular destinations of the island. Gallura includes famous towns like Olbia, Tempio Pausania, Arzachena, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, Golfo Aranci, Badesi, San Teodoro, Budoni and many other small towns, and also offers a wide range of luxury hotels, boutique hotels, restaurants and attractions. The main tourist area of ​​Gallura is Costa Smeralda, the most glamorous place of Sardinia, known for its beautiful coastline, and the hinterland is famous for its amazing archaeological sites scattered among the forests and away from places of mass tourism, such as the tombs of giants, nuraghe and necropolis. Gallura differs from the rest of the island also in its dialect and type of architecture, characteristic of granite houses “stazzu” in agricultural land. Gallura is famous for its cork oak forests, from which local products are made, bottle caps and even bags and clothes.

Aggius Tour
The town of Aggius in northern Sardinia is an amazing typical medieval town of Gallura called “granite village”, located among the bizarre granite rocks at the foot of the jagged ridge called “Monti di Aggius”. Its granite houses considered among the most beautiful in all the region. It is on the list of “Borghi Autentici D’Italia” (Authentic Italian Towns, which are assigned the Orange Flag). The territory of wild and enchanting beauty is a unique alternation of granite rocks, virgin cork oak forests, Mediterranean vegetation, pastures and vineyards, to which the changing of the seasons gives the diversity of nature and color. Aggius is famous for its Moon Valley, or The Plain of Big Stones, a fascinating place covered granite stones and surrounded by deep silence. In the valley is located one of the most impressive nuragic structures: Izzan Nuraghe. It is worth visiting the interesting ethnographic museum “Oliva Carta Cannas” and the Museum of Banditry, the first is devoted to typical interior items related to the internal environment, the world of weaving and everyday life, the second tells about legendary local “outlaw” characters persecuted during Piedmont’s domination for smuggling . The famous folk group and chorus of Aggius support the age-old traditions of dancing and singing. Carpets and textiles of local craftswomen are famous throughout Sardinia.

Lunch at a local taverna tasting traditional Gallura cuisine or a picnic in the Moon Valley (depending on weather conditions)

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7 day


IMG 7975

Costa Smeralda Tour – Sardinian Charm & Fine Luxury
One of the most exclusive places in the world – the legendary Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), famous as a center of world jet-set and celebrities. We’ll show you the famous luxury villages and legendary hotels in Sardinian style with natural local materials and typical architecture, created by world famous designers. It is also the place of nightlife with the famous clubs and discos like “Billionaire”, “Ritual”, “Sopra Vento”, “Sotto Vento”, “Vita Smeralda”, open during high season months in July and August. A short walk around the famous Porto Cervo – a luxury center of Costa Smeralda with legendary small square Piazzetta, yachts, famous restaurants and shops with luxury brands. A visit to Liscia di Vacca – a unique village, built on canals with porticos, as “Little Venice”, with the theatre, open in summer for shows, fashion weeks and concerts. The unique luxury village of Costa Smeralda – Poltu Quatu (in Sardinian language means “hidden port”), set amongst natural granite fjord with the charming Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu 5*, with hotel and residence, a true example of wonderful architecture and design, created by the legendary architect of Costa Smeralda, Jean Claude Lesuiss. Here you’ll find glamour, relax, luxury style, nightlife, port with luxury yachts, a famous diving center “Marina del Orso”, shops, restaurants, bars, famous nightclub «Vita Smeralda”.

One of the best wineries of Gallura, “Vermentino di Gallura,” wines and food tasting.
The most typical wine an the symbol of Gallura is “Vermentino di Gallura”, a white wine with Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin. A magnificent dry white wine produced in purity from Vermentino grapes cultivated on eluvial soils of granitic rocks. The only DOCG of Sardinia, the pride of Gallura throughout the world. Its delicious taste is the best combination with the precious shellfish of our coasts. Sixty hectares of vineyards located in Olbia, oaks, wild pear trees, wild flora like lavender, brooms, orchids and a thousand other flowers. Lakes around which there is a heterogeneous fauna of coots, falcons, partridges, wild boars, in front of the majestic Island of Tavolara which stands out on the eastern side, while on the opposite it is the Pedres Castle perched on its hill where it sets the sun. These are the Olbios Estates where earth, passion, work and modernity come together in an attempt to follow the deep breath of the elements and transfer it with the most current wine-making methods. The soil of Tenute Olbios is an excellent granite soil for the cultivation of Vermentino, but also of reds such as Cabernet, Cannonau, Merlot and Bovale, which find the ideal substratum to express exceptional flavors and density. The climatic conditions of this area overlooking the North Eastern coast and its proximity to the sea guarantee a constant and iodine-filled ventilation, an important factor in the organoleptic properties of our wines.

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8 day

Departure or beach vacation.

Wine food tastings


  • Selected hotels 4*S/5* in Alghero and Costa Smeralda
  • Private transfers
  • Guided tours:
    Alghero – Coral Riviera – Sardinian village with dinner – Castelsardo – Sassari – Nuraghe Santu Antine – Gallura – Aggius – Costa Smeralda
  • Sardinian food & wine experience:
    Traditional Sardinian Dinner – 2 Wineries with tasting – Seafood lunch in the famous restaurant – Dinner in a local tavern – Traditional “panefratteria”
  • Sardinian cooking-show and gourmet tasting by our chef


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Price: from 2950€ per person in DBL accommodation, DUS accommodation +40%
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Flights info: arrival at Alghero airport (10-15 mins driving from Alghero town), departure from Olbia airport (30-40 mins driving from Costa Smeralda), all airports are connected with Rome and Milan with every day regular flight by Alitalia; they are connected also with other main European airports.