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Exclusive Sardinian-Corsican Odyssey


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English, Espanol, Francais, German, Italian, Portuguese

Looking for an extraordinary Mediterranean escape?

Our island adventures in Sardinia and Corsica whisk you away to a land of pristine beaches, scenic hills and seaside bliss. Forget the tourist track – we do bespoke trips designed around you, led by local insiders who know all the secret spots.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, foodie, culture vulture or just need some rest and relaxation, we’ll craft an experience you’ll never forget. Stay in a  luxury retreat,  sail turquoise waters, kayak hidden coves, hike mountain trails, indulge in farm-to-table cuisine, or just soak up the laid-back island vibe.

Traveling with us is all about connections – to the land, culture and yourself. Our small team makes sure every detail is handled, so you can focus on living in the moment. And each trip is private, so you’ll get plenty of one-on-one time to chat with our expert guides.

If you’re looking to hit refresh, escape the crowds or check off that bucket list, this is where your adventure begins. An unscripted journey in a soul-stirring place, shared with people who feel like fast friends. Sounds like your kind of getaway? Then we’ll see you on the island!

Beautiful islands rich in history and culture await you on this Mediterranean journey to Sardinia and Corsica. Step back in time and explore ancient cultures, enjoy stunning scenery, and indulge in delicious cuisine on these two fascinating islands.

Begin your adventure on the longevity island – Sardinia. Known for its pristine coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and high number of centenarians, Sardinia promises spectacular beaches, beautiful resorts and towns, and a hearty cuisine influenced by its ancient Nuragic culture. Visit charming hilltowns, explore the mysterious ruins of ancient Nuragic towers dotted across the landscape, and indulge in seafood dishes showcasing the island’s exceptional produce.

Then cross the straits of Bonifacio to the mountainous island of Corsica. A mixture of French and Italian influences, Corsica offers dramatic coastal scenes, pine forests cloaking its rugged interior, and traditionally built villages. Walk ancient shepherd trails, witness dramatic coastal views, taste wines that honor the island’s French roots, and discover the history of Corsica’s long struggle for independence.

Come discover the best of these lesser visited Mediterranean gems, rich in natural beauty, ancient culture, delicious food, and authentic places that will captivate and inspire.

NOTE: you can customize the itinerary according to your interests and pace. All our tours are personalized and include a private guide or a tour service that can provide in-depth knowledge of the area and handle logistical details such as transportation, reservations, and access to special locations.


  • Selected Accommodations: Rest in the finest abodes, hand-picked for your ultimate comfort and pleasure.
  • Assistance 24/7: Round-the-clock assistance to ensure your journey is smooth and worry-free.
  • High-End Service: Indulge in the luxe life with our impeccable attention to detail and personalized care.
  • Private Transfers with a Driver: Travel in style and comfort as you're whisked away to your next destination with ease.
  • Private Guided Tours & Local Experiences with Insiders: Unlock the secrets of Sardinia and Corsica with our expert guides and immersive activities.
  • Selected Excellent Local Restaurants: Savor the finest flavors of the region at our curated gastronomic havens.
  • Authentic Food & Wine: Delight in the rich Mediterranean taste sensations, from the enigmatic “wine of longevity” red Cannonau and iconic white Vermentino wines to the delectable local cuisine. Taste unique Corsican wines like Nielluccio and Sciacarello paired with local dishes.
  • Emerald Coast Glamour: Immerse yourself in the allure of the Mediterranean's most sophisticated playground and its charming luxury villages.
  • Ancient Nuragic Monuments: Marvel at the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage sites, a testament to the rich history and prehistoric architecture of the region.
  • Archipelago La Maddalena: Bask in the unparalleled beauty of these breathtaking islands, boasting turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and mesmerizing granite formations.
  • Stunning Beaches & Crystal-Clear Sea: Dip your toes in paradise as you explore the most pristine shores and azure waters.
  • The most authentic and exclusive places with local experts you won’t find on regular itineraries: Experience the charm of small, authentic villages and uncover the unique medieval gems of Sardinia and Corsica.
  • Local Hospitality & Friendly Staff: Be embraced by the warmth and generosity of our welcoming team, eager to cater to your every need.
  • We All Friends: You're not just a client, you're our cherished guest. Expect the very best treatment, always.

1. Welcome to Sardinia!
1. Welcome to Sardinia!

Upon arrival at Alghero airport in Sardinia (Italy) you will be privately transferred to your hotel in our Mercedes vehicle.

After the transfer, check in and get settled into your accommodation in Alghero.

We look forward to hosting you in this beautiful island destination.

2. Exploring Alghero and Riviera del Corallo - Medieval Majesty and Seaside Serenity
2.	Exploring Alghero and Riviera del Corallo - Medieval Majesty and Seaside Serenity

You will visit the most amazing place in the north of Sardinia with its Italian-Spanish old European charm and Catalan style. Alghero is a picturesque medieval town founded in the 12th century by the powerful Doria family of Genoa, who ruled it for centuries, then was captured by the Aragonese and further developed under their influence. It is surrounded by ancient bastions on the seashore in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, called the Coral Riviera with amazing white sandy beaches, rocks, caves, pine forests, marine parks, in a large area of the northwestern coast of the island. The marine park of Porto Conte, the highest point of the promontory of Capo Caccia (Hunter Cape), which for its shape is called "a sleeping giant", the magnificent Neptune’s Grotto by the famous stairs Cabirol consisting of 656 steps, along the huge rocks. These caves are 2 million years old and they are one of the largest in Europe.

Tour in the old town, a true treasure of history, culture and archeological sites. Alghero was and remains a town of special charm, ideal for those who love the typical features of the past of old Europe under the strong influence of the Aragonese domination. It is the place of one of the most famous romantic landscapes, as well as nice shops and restaurants. It was also a pilot destination in Sardinia, where international tourism began to develop and the first resorts opened to welcome foreign guests. It is currently one of the most popular holiday destinations thanks to the nearby international airport, beautiful beaches, and myriads of the island's most interesting attractions and activities.

Aperitif with an iconic sparkling wine of Alghero aged in the sea 35m unger the grotto.

Alghero is famous for its delicious ice creams, and here you can taste a selection of typical artisanal Sardinian ice-creams made according to local recipes.

If you prefer nature activities we can suggest an alternative half day hike: Experience the beauty of Sardinia's Coral Riviera on a scenic hike through the unique marine park of Porto Conte. Discover Mediterranean plants and flavors native to the island, like helichrysum, myrtle, strawberry tree, and mastic. Within these very plants lies the secret to crafting exceptional organic skincare products, gathered and produced right here, meticulously formulated by a small local, family-owned pharmaceutical company. You can optionally visit a workshop in Alghero to learn more about these skincare products and the plants used to create them. This sensory journey along the Mediterranean coast highlights the island's rich botanical resources and artisanal producers carrying on traditional practices with innovations.

In the evening, table reservation in the gourmet restaurant in Alghero's old town. Experience typical exquisite local cuisine.

3. Castelsardo - A Voyage Through Time and Tradition, Where Disney's Little Mermaid Sprang to Life
3. Castelsardo - A Voyage Through Time and Tradition, Where Disney's Little Mermaid Sprang to Life

Check-out and departure. On the way through the main port town of northern Sardinia and the former Roman citadel Porto Torres with the amazingly beautiful Balay promenade with a tiny church above the sea you can admire panoramic views of the entire coast of the Asinara Gulf. Driving along the breathtaking coast through the northern panorama with the longest beach in Italy, we are approaching the delightful medieval town of Castelsardo of the 12th century, which stands on a promontory in the center of the Asinara Gulf. The time has stopped here, its small old streets climb from the hill to the top, where stands the ancient castle of Doria, blowing us in the past centuries. You will admire a beautiful, breathtaking landscape from the top of the chapel on the sea around the Asinara island and Corsica. Castelsardo is famous for traditional Sardinian handicraft and typical hand-made local baskets and you can see women weaving them in its old streets, as well as see unique collections in the Museum of the Mediterranean weaving. Visit Roccia dell’Elefante (Elephant Rock) – the famous rock in the natural form of an elephant and a prehistoric burial domus de janas of pre nuragic period, approx. 5000 years. Castelsardo is a fisherman village famous for its authentic culinary traditions and the best typical seafood cuisine on the island. You can’t miss an exquisite lunch in the typical restaurant on the top of the old town. Transfer and accommodation in Costa Smeralda.

4. A Day of Glamour, History and Flavor along the Emerald Coast. Luxury, Archaeology and World-Class Wine
4.	A Day of Glamour, History and Flavor along the Emerald Coast.  Luxury, Archaeology and World-Class Wine

On this luxurious private tour along Costa Smeralda, Sardinia's Emerald Coast, you will experience the jet-set charm of this iconic coastline along with discovering its mysterious ancient history and world-renowned Vermentino wines with this unique land's taste. A blend of indulgence and adventure, this one-of-a-kind day will delight history and wine lovers alike! We begin our day exploring the picturesque port towns and villages along the Emerald Coast, with stunning architecture in the natural local style. As if stepped into a magazine, it is the perfect place to see and be seen! Relax over aperitif at one of the coastal bars, enjoying fresh drink and panoramic views. Visit the picturesque marina of Porto Cervo, chic yachting hub with boutiques, restaurants and perfect beaches. A jet-set ambience of luxury awaits. On the right day, meander picturesque streets to discover traditional local markets, perfumed with farm foods and the scene of artisanal goods, the soul of this land so bold. Next, we journey into the hinterland to uncover secrets from the prehistoric past. At the Giants' Tombs of Coddu Vecchiu, you will be among the first to enter these megalithic structures, conceived as a portal to the afterlife. Legends say giants inhabited them! With advanced astronomical knowledge, this is a mysterious insight into Sardinia's ancient mysteries. Nearby, the Nuraghe La Prisgiona is a UNESCO World Heritage site, an impressive example of the cyclopean Nuragic civilization. At over 3,000 years old, it demonstrates remarkable architectural and mathematical skills, still puzzling historians. As experts in the local wine, we guide you to one of Sardinia's most spectacular vineyards, home to the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. Taste the fruity and mineral-rich Vermentino, born from granite and juniper, arbutus and myrtle. Sample different vintages from an authentic family winery, discovering the tastes of this unique land. By day's close, you will have experienced the glamour of Costa Smeralda's resorts, explored prehistoric chambers and monuments hiding ancient knowledge, and sampled Vermentino, a hallowed wine gaining worldwide fame.

5. Secrets of Sardinian Cuisine
5. Secrets of Sardinian Cuisine

Authentic Sardinian cooking lessons. Experience the essence of Gallura's culinary traditions in a captivating local stazzu, a house typical of the region. Here, you will master the art of preparing the region's most beloved dishes, including traditional pasta and sweets, often made during festive occasions within Gallura households. Your gastronomic adventure continues with a wine tasting session in the cavern. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable sommelier, embark on a voyage of Sardinian flavors through its wines. Sample the characteristic grape varieties native to the island, such as Vermentino di Gallura, Cannonau, Carignano, and Nasco, during your wine exploration. This tasting journey is complemented with a selection of local appetizers.

6. Barbagia and Blue Zone Experience: the Authentic Essence of Sardinia
6.	Barbagia and Blue Zone Experience: the Authentic Essence of Sardinia

You may opt for a full-day private guided excursion into the heart of Barbagia, the soul of rural Sardinia. This expansive region encompasses the slopes of the majestic Gennargentu mountain, situated in the island's core. The name "Barbagia" traces back to the resilient Sardinians who sought refuge from Carthaginian and Roman invasions. Here, you'll find charming rural villages adorned with granite homes, intertwining alleyways, vine-covered courtyards, and pergolas. This region is also the birthplace of the renowned Fiore Sardo cheese, a true Sardinian delicacy. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and unique culture of Barbagia, a region in Sardinia known as one of the world's five Blue Zones — areas with an oldest population. This bespoke private tour will take you through the heart of Barbagia, allowing you to witness the tranquil lifestyle, traditional habits, and dietary practices that contribute to its residents' longevity. Tasting the Island's Soul: A Sensory Journey Through Sardinia's Timeless Tradition. Enjoy a traditional lunch of the typical cuisine in a charming Sardinian rural house. Immerse yourself in local traditions and lifestyles that are unique to Sardinia and should not be missed. At a typical farm that embodies the essence of the Sardinian mood, you will be served homemade products cooked according to old recipes, including different varieties of the iconic local sheep cheese pecorino, home-made pasta, typical bread, and sweets. Please note that the menu can be tailored to accommodate your specific food preferences.

7. An exclusive hike in Gallura - In the Heartland of Millenary Cork Forests
7. An exclusive hike in Gallura - In the Heartland of Millenary Cork Forests

An exceptional hike in Gallura from breathtaking panoramic views over Archipelago La Maddalena and Corsica to the increadable granite formations of Capo Testa. This region is renowned for its unique Mediterranean plants, wild beauty, spectacular beaches and natural wonders such as ancient cork forests and remarkable granite formations. After hike we suggest to stop in a typical local taverna and taste traditional food of Gallura.

8. A Tropical Mediterranean Escape: Cruising the Enchanting Islands of Arcipelago La Maddalena
8. A Tropical Mediterranean Escape: Cruising the Enchanting Islands of Arcipelago La Maddalena

Embark on an exclusive private yacht charter to explore the dazzling La Maddalena Archipelago and secluded island gems between Sardinia and Corsica. After breakfast, check out of your accommodation with your luggage in tow. A vehicle will pick you up for your embarkation on a scenic yacht tour. This picture-perfect cruising ground comprises 68 stunning granite islands and islets, recognized as one of the most scenic areas of the Mediterranean sea. Our yacht navigates through azure waters to hidden island treasures like Lavezzi and Cavallo in the Bonifacio Strait, surrounded by bizarre rock formations and white sand beaches. Admire granite cliffs, bizarre rock sculptures and picturesque coastline that inspire dreams of a tropical paradise lost. Relax in tranquil splendor throughout a day of luxury and adventure on the Mediterranean sea. Following a yacht charter, passengers are set ashore on the idyllic private island of Cavallo for an exclusive tropical sojourn. Escape to beautiful private Cavallo Island, a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, between Sardinia and Corsica. This tiny private island is home to Des Pecheurs, an exquisite boutique hotel and a few exclusive villas, including the former residence of the Savoy royal family. Nestled amid lush subtropical gardens and pristine beaches, Des Pecheurs offers the ultimate in secluded luxury. Begin your escape by checking into one of the elegant accommodations, ranging from opulent hotel rooms to private suites tucked away from the world. Unwind on the waterfront terrace with a refreshing cocktail as you take in stunning views of the beach and ocean. Dine on gourmet Italian and Corsican cuisine prepared with the freshest local ingredients and paired with an extensive wine list. Enjoy your meals at the beachfront restaurant while watching breathtaking Mediterranean sunsets. Escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of this unspoiled private island paradise.

9. An Exclusive Private Island Cavallo - Explore the Pristine Shores of Secluded Paradise Between Sardinia and Corsica
9. An Exclusive Private Island Cavallo - Explore the Pristine Shores of Secluded Paradise Between Sardinia and Corsica

Start your day by soaking up the sun on the island's pristine beach or from your private pool at the luxury hotel. Or, you may prefer to indulge in the hotel's world-class spa and wellness center featuring thalasso treatments infused with nourishing products and provided by skilled therapists, all in an idyllic setting designed to uplift your spirit. Guests can hire electric cars from the hotel to explore the island's unspoiled beaches, tranquil bays, and scenic coastal paths. Alternatively, enjoy a delicious Mediterranean lunch at the hotel's iconic beach restaurant Antica Mesa created by renowned Italian chef Francesco Panella. The restaurant offers panoramic views of the crystal sea and a menu showcasing the best of Corsican and Italian cuisine. Spend the afternoon recharging with a pampering spa treatment before enjoying a delicious meal featuring Corsican specialties. End your relaxing day watching the sun dip below the sparkling Mediterranean Sea from your hotel balcony. Relax in the comforts of your accommodation as the soothing sounds of the island lull you to sleep.

10. Bonifacio - the Medieval Gem of South Corsica
10. Bonifacio - the Medieval Gem of South Corsica

Check-out and boat transfer to Corsica. Car transfer to Bonifacio. Start your Corsican journey with a private guided tour of Bonifacio, a charming town located along the southern coast of Corsica. Bonifacio is famous for its breathtaking natural coves and its history, which is told through its numerous monuments, churches, and ancient buildings that have been preserved over the centuries. Our tour will begin with a visit to the town's historic center, which is divided into two parts: the Upper Town and the Old Town. As we explore these areas, we will stroll along narrow streets and alleys, admire charming squares, and visit several churches that are full of fascinating history and beautiful architecture. Reservation for lunch at one of our favorite typical Corsican restaurants in Bonifacio's old town, serving delicious local dishes. After lunch transfer to Ajaccio. Check-in and accommodation.

11. Ajaccio - In the Footsteps of Napoleon; Calanchi di Piana - Coastal Wonders in Corsica
11. Ajaccio - In the Footsteps of Napoleon; Calanchi di Piana - Coastal Wonders in Corsica

Ajaccio - the capital of Corsica As we explore Ajaccio, you'll discover why it's renowned as the birthplace of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in 1769. We'll visit the Maison Bonaparte, his family home turned museum, and the baroque Notre Dame Cathedral (16th century), where Napoleon was baptized, adorned with paintings by Delacroix and Tintoretto. You'll have the opportunity to stroll through the charming old town of Ajaccio, built around the port and the citadel, featuring picturesque narrow streets lined with colorful, towering houses. Take in the enchanting Place Maréchal-Foch, with its stunning fountain and palm and plane trees. We'll also explore the Rue Saint-Charles alleyway in the old city to see the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.
If you want to expand your day we can suggest a hiking tour to Calanchi di Piana -it is one of the most beautiful places in Corsica and the entire Gulf of Porto is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. The rocks have intense shades of pink, orange and red.

In the evening we recommend a sumptuous dinner experience at a well-known local establishment, where the finest Corsican cuisine is on offer.

12. Corte - The Rustic Heart of Corsica
12. Corte - The Rustic Heart of Corsica

Check out and transfer to Calvi. Corte - the largest rural village in Corsica and tasting local food. Welcome to Corte, the largest rural village in Corsica! This guided tour will take you on a journey through the heart of Corsican culture and heritage, as we explore the historic and picturesque city of Corte. We'll start our tour at the foot of the citadel, which dominates the valleys of the rivers of Tavignano and Restonica. The citadel's castle is a stunning example of Corsican architecture, and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. As we make our way through the city, you'll discover the rich history of Corte, which served as the capital of the Corsican nation between 1755 and 1769. The city played an important role in the island's struggle for independence, and is a testament to the resilience and determination of the Corsican people. Check in and accommodation in the hotel in Calvi.

13. Calvi, Corsican wine tasting with the best sommelier in Corsica
13. Calvi, Corsican wine tasting with the best sommelier in Corsica

Welcome to North Corsica, where you will discover the charming towns of Calvi on a private guided tour together with an exclusive Corsican wine tasting. Our journey begins in Calvi, a town that boasts a large medieval citadel perched atop a hill overlooking the marina. Marvel at the Baroque Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and stroll along the cobbled streets lined with restaurants and cafes, while taking in the breathtaking views of the crescent bay and beaches. We will also walk along Quai Landry promenade, where you will find a variety of bustling restaurants and cafes. Following with a Corsican wine tasting in a local charming bottega, explore best Corsican wines with the most renowned sommelier of Corsica.

14 Vineyard Valleys - Wine and Dine in The Corsican Countryside
14 Vineyard Valleys - Wine and Dine in The Corsican Countryside

Visit a local winery near Calvi for a tour and wine tasting, learning about the indigenous grape varieties. Have lunch at a vineyard, pairing local wines with Corsican dishes. Taste the renowned Corsican cheeses like Brocciu. End your culinary day with a gourmet dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Calvi.

15. Departure

Check-out, transfer to the Calvi airport.

  • Accommodation in the luxury boutique hotels: Sardinia - 2 nights in Alghero and 5 nights in Costa Smeralda; Corsica - 2 nights on private island Cavallo, 2 nights in Ajaccio and 3 nights in Calvi.
  • Daily buffet breakfast
  • Private airport transfers and transportation during tours
  • Private guided tours and experiences
  • Yacht tour
  • Sardinian cooking-class
  • Local food and wine experiences
  • Entrance fees for attractions
  • Personal assistance from our professional team
  • Exclusive special treatment and benefits for our guests
  • And much more...
  • Airfare
  • City taxes
  • Additional services
  • Gratuities

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Exclusive Sardinian-Corsican Odyssey

Can you tell us more about this? I'd want to find oout some additional information.

Can you tell us more about this? I'd want too find ouut some additional information.
Exclusive Sardinian-Corsican Odyssey
Visit Sardinia

Awesome Sardinian-Corsican Adventure

We got back from this insane Sardinian-Corsican trip with Visit Sardinia VIP, and I've gotta spill the details. The Exclusive Sardinian-Corsican Odyssey was nothing short of magical. First up, if you're hunting for a trip that's all about you—like, seriously catered to your vibe—this is it. This wasn't a holiday—it was a personal epic, a voyage that took us deep into the heart and soul of the Mediterranean, and in many ways, into our own. Cozy Vibes & Cool People: Each spot we crashed at was top-notch, but without that stuffy, "don't touch anything" feel. Think chilled-out luxury with folks who really get hospitality. They knew my name, remembered how I liked my coffee and food preferences, and were always up for a chat. Natalia is the Real MVP: Shoutout to Natalia from Visit Sardinia VIP for hooking me up with the most personal service ever. She was on point with recommendations and made sure everything was smooth sailing. It was like having a super knowledgeable local buddy showing me around their home turf. Adventures & Chill: Every day was a new surprise. I'm talking exclusive beaches where the water’s so clear you can see your toes wiggle, ancient ruins that aren't swarming with tourists, and hidden gems that I'm pretty sure aren't in any guidebook. The guides had all the cool stories and insider info, making each day feel like a private showing. Eat, Drink, Repeat: The food was a straight-up journey in itself. Fresh, local, and all about the flavor. I still can't get over the seafood—so fresh, it must've jumped straight from the ocean onto my plate. And the wine? Let's just say I'm now a self-declared Vermentino fan. Getting Around in Style: Moving from place to place was a breeze, and not once did I have to worry about the nitty-gritty of travel. The drivers were legends, always on time and super friendly. It felt more like being chauffeured by a mate than just catching a ride. Just Go For It: It's tough to capture just how epic this trip was. Every little detail, from the moment I landed to the last sunset, felt like it was all about making my experience special. Natalia and the team absolutely nailed it. So, would I recommend it? Heck yes, in a heartbeat. Whether you're flying solo or bringing someone special along, this trip's got something for everyone. It's not just a vacay; it's your own personal Mediterranean blockbuster. Cheers to Visit Sardinia VIP for the trip of a lifetime!
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