Alghero and Coral Riviera

Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy
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An exciting journey along one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts – famous Coral Riviera, so called because of the presence of rare corals of extraordinary beauty, and spectacular medieval Alghero.

You will visit the most amazing place in the north of Sardinia with its Italian-Spanish old European charm and Catalan style. Alghero Sardinia is a picturesque medieval town surrounded by ancient bastions on the seashore in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, called the Coral Riviera with amazing white sandy beaches, rocks, caves, pine forests, marine parks, in a large area of the northwestern coast of the island.

The marine park of Porto Conte, the highest point of the promontory of Capo Caccia (Hunter Cape), which for its shape is called “a sleeping giant”, the magnificent Neptune’s Grotto by the famous stairs Cabirol consisting of 656 steps, along the huge rocks. These caves are 2 million years old and they are one of the largest in Europe.

Alghero was founded in the 12th century by the powerful Doria family of Genoa, who ruled it for centuries, then was captured by the Aragonese and further developed under their influence. Under the crown of Aragon Alghero has reached its peak as a fortress: the deep bond of the past is still evident in the local dialect, and the Aragonese style of the ancient town appears constantly in the old city walls, churches, houses and roads. The old town can be called a true treasure of history, culture and archeological sites. Alghero Sardinia was and remains a town of special charm, ideal for those who love the typical features of the past of old Europe under the strong influence of the Aragonese domination. It is the place of one of the most famous romantic landscapes, as well as nice shops and restaurants.

It was also a pilot destination in Sardinia, where international tourism began to develop and the first resorts opened to welcome foreign guests. It is currently one of the most popular holiday destinations thanks to the nearby international airport, beautiful beaches, and myriads of the island’s most interesting attractions and activities.

The Nuragic complex of Palmavera, one of the most important archeological sites in Alghero Sardinia. It is an important example of prehistoric architecture and a symbol of a unique ancient civilization of the Mediterranean that existed in Sardinia. Huge mystical towers built of huge stones without cords with knowledge of mathematics and architecture consist of a central body with two towers, a rampart and a village of about fifty huts. The village was built during three phases and the oldest structures date back to the 15th century BC. The part of the village that is visible today is only a quarter of its entirety at the time of the Bronze Age, in fact the original huts of the village amount to about two hundred.

Alghero Sardinia and the Coral Riviera are one of the best places for a myriad of activities.

Don’t miss the local cuisine with typical specialities! Alghero is a fisherman village first and a must eat place with its typical trattorias and gourmet restaurants which offer island cuisine and special local dishes. An aperitif or dinner in the charming old town, on the bastions at a romantic sunset overlooking the stunning coastline and the “sleeping giant”, or on the white sand beach, it all has a special feeling.

Need the best advice and special treatment? We will reserve a special table for you at the best recommended local restaurants. Want to change mood and also experience a rural Sardinia while you are in Alghero? We invite you to taste the traditional island cuisine of the shepherds in an amazing typical Sardinian village.

A daily excursion Alghero Sardinia – Coral Riviera includes a guided tour of the old town, a trip along the Coral Riviera coastline with a visit to Nuraga Palmavera and the Neptune grotto, plus traditional dinner in Sardinian Village. 

Where we suggest to stay in Alghero Sardinia:

Our selection of the best hotels in Alghero for discerning guests. We offer accommodations with special rates and treatments.

What we suggest to visit with us:

Old town of Alghero, Coral Riviera coast, Neptune Grotto, promontory of Capo Caccia, Marine Park Porto Conte, Porto Ferro Beach, Baratz Lake, Nuraghe Palmavera, mining village of Argentiera, picturesque beaches, Sardinian Village, local wineries and olive oil production, traditional jewelery workshops with precious corals from Alghero.

What we offer to experience:

Explore the secrets of old town and bastions, shopping. Visit the giant Neptune grotto, or by boat or, if you prefer hiking and stunning views, take the Cabirol stairs, well worth the effort. Hiking in Porto Conte, jeep tour. Kayaking and snorkling, kitesurfing, diving, dolphin watching. Horse riding on the beach. Wine and food tasting.  

What do we suggest to taste in Alghero Sardinia:

Typical fish and seafood cuisine of Alghero, Paella Algherese made with traditional Sardinian pasta fregula, fish soup Copatza de peix, sea archins, fish with Agliata sauce, iconic local lobster cooked in Alghero style, dessert crema catalana, typical local sweets: pudding Menjar blanc, aniseed bread with glaze Ous de buchacas. Delicious wines from Alghero and unique local sparkling wine aged in sea grottoes under water. 

Would you like us to recommend and book for you the best restaurants in Alghero Sardinia during your trip? Contact our gourmet advisor.


  • Old town of Alghero
  • Coral Riviera coast
  • Neptune's Grotto
  • Promontory of Capo Caccia
  • Marine Park Porto Conte
  • Porto Ferro Beach
  • Nuraghe Palmavera
  • Mining village of Argentiera
  • Picturesque beaches
  • Sardinian Village
  • Local wineries and olive oil production
  • Traditional jewelery workshops with precious corals from Alghero
  • Explore the secrets of old town and bastions, shopping
  • Visit the giant Neptune grotto, or by boat or, if you prefer hiking and stunning views, take the Cabirol stairs, well worth the effort
  • Hiking in Porto Conte, jeep tour
  • Kayaking and snorkling, kitesurfing, diving, dolphin watching
  • Horse riding on the beach
  • Wine and food tasting.
  • Special recommendations: comfortable clothes, shoes and hats.
  • Bottle of water

  • Private car / van with driver
  • Private guide
  • Entrance tickets to Nuraghe Palmavera and Neptune's Grotto
  • Boat to the grotto
  • Lunch
  • Any services not included in the tour

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Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy


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