The Is Zuddas Cave

You will enter the cave through an artificial entrance built in 1968 by a mining enterprise that was looking for alabaster (a type of marble).

In order to open the passage and to extract some blocks the miners used explosives and the consequent detonations and flying debris broke off the stalactites.

Fortunately, the quantity of alabaster was small and the mining activity only lasted a few weeks. Now you are going to follow a tour that’s 500 meters long (total length 2 km), the temperature is constant at 16° C and humidity is very high, almost 100%.

The most characteristic feature of the Is Zuddas cave is the aragonite crystals formed by the evaporation of very small drops that stay for a long time in the same position. These concretions are called eccentric because they grow in every direction. Many theories have been proposed to explain the phenomenon, the most reliable is water capillary action: in this case, the drops are so small (sometimes they are invisible) that they never fall; the drops are so light that they can disobey to force of gravity and move randomly exploiting their superficial tension. Eccentric aragonites need a bit of water to develop: less than 1 liter per year; if the quantity of water increases the weight of the droplets increases and they, therefore, become subject to the force of gravity again and start to form normal tubular stalactites. This type of concretions (also called helictites) is very rare in caves: usually, they stay in small tufts while in this room they grow everywhere. For this reason, the Is Zuddas Cave is considered a great geological rarity: it is considered to be a unique discovery in the world due to the enormous quantity of eccentric aragonites.

Special recommendations: comfortable sportive clothes and shoes, the constant temperature in the cave is about 16°C.



Half Day


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English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish


Auto 1/3 pax: € 350
Auto 1/3 pax Mercedes S: € 585
Minibus 4/7 pax: € 460
Mercedes Viano 4/6 pax: € 550


Adult: € 10
Children from 6 to 12 y.o: € 8
Children 0-6 y.o: free


Payment 100% on confirmation
Cancellations made after excursion confirmation will be charged at 50%.
Cancellation made 24 hours before excursion or no show will be charged 100%.

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