This is was wonderful and very well organized trip. The same time our guides was very flexible and always was ready to make changes or do extras if we ask. It was great hotels, food and transportation. Thank you.

David Goldvug - New York, USA

Great trip!
Well organized! Very informative but relaxing at the same time
We Discovered Sardinia in a way that we want to come back!
Natasha and Roberto were amazing-made our vacation unforgettable!

Rita Goldvug - New York, USA

We are group of seasoned travelers who knows each other for more than 40 years.
We traveled together for many years and normally have certain expectations for accommodatins and hiking.
Natalya and Roberto exceeded our requirements and we feel welcomed and naturally comfortable.
They were very flexible, punctual, perfectly organizing all steps of our rather complex itinerary.
We left with feeling of returning back to explore different parts of island and possibly Corsica with them.
Sardinia itself as destination appeared to be hidden pearl and no wonder that locals try to preserve this Island’s environment and traditions.
You can find everything in Sardinia:
European history, local culinary, unbelievable hiking and biking as well tremendous hospitality.

Iryna Selya - Washington, USA

Our group of 7 people , friends from USA (Washington, NY, Philadelphia ) and Australia travelled on October 2018 with this agency. From day one , when Natalia and Roberto met us in the airport we felt surrounded by care, professional approach and felt so welcome in this amazing Italian island.
Trip was designed and well thought with increadible creativity. We were stunned by combination of Italian hospitality , warmth , food choices mixed with exotic beauty of the island. With company private comfortable jipp and knowledgeable associates we visited unbeaten path of gardens, cork woods,wineries, beaches , little towns, castles as well as farms and even festivities with great people of Sardinia. Hiking, swimming in gourgeus blue waters was priceless. Highly recommend this tour company ! We immediately started thinking of next trip, combining other areas , which we would like to visit ! Thank you so much Natalia and Roberto !!

Leo Selya - Washington, USA

Impressions – they are beyond any words. It was a magical journey.
Thank you! This is the rare case when everything worked out, and even not very good weather did not prevent to get true pleasure!
The cuisine of Sardinia and everything else was at the highest level! We will recommend this food and wine tour to all friends and people who want to discover Sardinia.
Thanks to Roberto and Natasha, we traveled a very interesting part of the island, visited many different places, and tried (or rather eaten) 🙂 a very different cuisine depending on historical origin and cooking characteristics. Each day was different, according to the ideas of R. and N, surprise and delight were on the increase. Since Roberto has a lot of friends around the island, he managed to arrange wonderful surprises for us. For example, at one of the meals he invited his musicians who made a real folk music concert, but they were not strained, because these musicians were dining with us at the same table, we joked and laughed, periodically sang and listened to music, and Roberto also took a guitar and joined his friends. In general, the situation turned out very homey and cozy. Another time, because of the weather, we could not take a sea tour on a fishing boat, instead, we sailed on the ferry to Asinara island, where we took (again, thanks to Roberto) two electric cars and traveled the whole island. Was good weather and a wonderful mood. We spent the whole day there. And the dinner was an open-air picnic surrounded by wild nature. All the food, or rather the dishes were specially prepared for us, of course, we tasted wonderful wine too. In general, we were lucky in everything. You ask what is more memorable, I can not answer, because every day it was a diamond put in the treasury of our travels, the guys did not leave us even after the day program, we spent the evenings with them. We did not have free time, and it was not necessary. We every night literally fell into bed, so that, with the sunrise, we again fly to new adventures!
We were worried that in this time trouble we could not even buy wine, cheese, something else, well, to bring with us, so they took us to the right places, including a private shop, advised, helped to make a right choice.
Of course, we visited the Costa Smeralda, the beaches there are amazing, we have already decided that when it comes the time for beach holidays, we will definitely go there.
On the last evening, we said good-bye as the close friends, hugging and crying. And the last surprise-they made us a gift – a bottle of olive oil family production and a spoon stand made of Sardinian ceramics. By the way, olive oil in Sardinia is really the best, in any case, such a flavor I have never tasted. And all the products there are very fresh and natural. We ate a lot, but never felt uncomfortable :).
At this end, although talking about Sardinia can be endless and only good.

Galina Rudenko - Saint Petersburg

Without question though, the Sardinian experience was the highpoint, and for this I must highlight the efforts of our two Sardinian VIP guides, Natalia and Roberto. We would like you to communicate, that they are extraordinarily knowledgeable and gracious hosts for their lovely country, and we would recommend them to any discerning traveler to Sardinia, without qualification. While our normal focus on trips like this is the hiking/walking experience, we found ourselves quickly getting this out of the way so we could enjoy the spectacular lunches in restaurants and homes of their friends. Never before have we enjoyed such an “insider” experience. We will be recommending it to many of our friends.

Anthony Miller - Toronto, Canada

We have great memories of the trip, especially Sardinia. You and Roberto are obviously great guides and organizers and your efforts on our behalf made this vacation a very special memory. I again want to especially thank Roberto for his “above and beyond the call of duty” effort in looking after me

Steve Moorhead - Toronto, Canada

Natalia, thank you again for your good management of this tour today. It was a perfect and awesome trip for us, also a double thank you to the skipper, who did a comfortable job to feel welcome and luxury on the boat. I want to recommend you!

Julian Wiederhold - Germany

We would like to express our gratitude to you and thank you for the wonderful days spent together in the food and wine tour.
Everything was just great. For a week thanks to you we fell in love with Sardinia. The fact that you showed us the hidden places that for an ordinary tourist is very difficult to discover, and we tasted so many local delicacies (“casu marzu” cheese I will not forget for a long time). The cuisine was gorgeous, everything was very tasty. Home and friendly atmosphere helped us to understand the Sardinian spirit and culture. We felt ourselves like Sardinians.
Especially I would like to thank Roberto. It was very interesting and pleasant to observe how he enthusiastically tells about his homeland and inspires people around.

Alex Gureev - Moscow, Russia