Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style
Visit Sardinia in Style

Isola Rossa

Nestled along the pristine North coast of Sardinia, between the Olbia and Alghero airports, in the picturesque Gallura region, known for its bizarre granite rocks and cork forests, lies the idyllic seaside village of Isola Rossa. Its name, “Red Island,” is derived from the striking reddish hue of the granite rocks that encircle the small port, a breathtaking natural wonder that has become a signature feature of the area. Isola Rossa’s picturesque coastline is a sensory delight, inviting visitors to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, dive into the inviting waters, and explore the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the surface. And as the sun dips below the horizon, Isola Rossa‘s sunsets are renowned as some of the most beautiful in all of Sardinia.

Isola Rossa is a gastronomic haven, boasting a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and shops that offer visitors a chance to indulge in the authentic flavors and traditions of Sardinia. The bustling small port is also a hub of activity, with fishermen and boaters alike venturing out to explore the awe-inspiring coastline and nearby islands.

A true landmark of Isola Rossa is the Torre Aragonese, an impressive tower that stands tall and proud, serving as a tangible reminder of the area’s rich history. Built in the 16th century by the Spanish to defend against pirate attacks, the tower is a testament to the resourcefulness and resilience of the people of Isola Rossa.

Isola Rossa is a hidden gem, a sanctuary where visitors can escape the frenzied pace of everyday life and immerse themselves in the tranquility and splendor of the Mediterranean. Whether you wish to enjoy a leisurely beach vacation or to delve into the region’s captivating history and culture, Isola Rossa is a destination that should be at the top of every traveler’s must-visit list.


Isola Rossa and its neighboring areas mesmerize visitors with a wide range of attractions and activities. Here are some of the main attractions that visitors can explore during their stay:

  • Castelsardo: This beautiful medieval town located just a 30-minute drive from Isola Rossa, is a must-visit destination for history buffs and culture enthusiasts. The town’s ancient walls, narrow streets, and historic buildings showcase its rich heritage. Castelsardo is also home to several museums, including the Museum of Mediterranean Weaving, which showcases the traditional textile arts of the region.

  • Elephant Rock: This unique rock formation, located near Castelsardo, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sardinia. Shaped like an elephant, it offers a perfect photo opportunity and a chance to marvel at the natural beauty of the region.

  • Aggius: This idyllic Sardinian village is renowned for its traditional weaving and textile crafts. Visitors can explore the village’s narrow streets and admire the beautiful granite stone buildings that are a hallmark of the area. The village is also home to several museums, including the Museum of Banditry, which showcases the history of the bandits who once roamed the countryside in the area.

  • Tempio and Gallura with cork forests: This region is known for its cork forests and stunning natural landscapes. Visitors can explore the cork forests and learn about the traditional techniques used to harvest cork. Tempio is also home to a number of historic churches and buildings, including the 19th-century Cathedral of San Pietro.

  • Costa Smeralda: a stretch of coastline that has long been a playground for the rich and famous. The area is known for its glamorous resorts, luxury yachts, and stunning beaches, and visitors can indulge in a range of high-end experiences, from fine dining to designer shopping.

  • Costa Paradiso: This rugged and wild coastline is a paradise for nature lovers. The area boasts stunning cliffs, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

  • Sassari: This historic city and North Capital of Sardinia, located just 40 minutes away from Isola Rossa is a must-visit destination for those interested in Sardinian culture and history. Sassari is home to a number of museums, including the Museo Nazionale Giovanni Antonio Sanna, which showcases the art and history of the region.

  • Nuraghe Santu Antine: Located just over an hour away from Isola Rossa, this well-preserved Nuragic complex is considered one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. Visitors can explore the complex and learn about the history and culture of the Nuragic people.

  • Alghero and Riviera dell Corallo: For those interested in history and culture, this one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coastlines offer a fascinating glimpse into the region’s past. Alghero is a charming town that has retained much of its Catalan heritage, while Riviera dell Corallo is a stunning coastline that boasts natural wonders such as Neptune’s Grotto, a sea cave filled with breathtaking rock formations.

  • Stintino: A picturesque fishing village known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. La Pelosa Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia, is located in Stintino.

  • Asinara National Park: a protected area that covers the entire island of Asinara. Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the island and its pristine beaches, or go hiking to discover the park’s diverse flora and fauna. Asinara is also home to a former maximum-security prison that has been converted into a museum, offering a unique glimpse into the island’s history.

  • Anglona and Sedini: Those seeking a more rural experience should head inland to the Anglona region known for its stunning natural beauty and rich history, vineyards and olive groves. Visitors can explore the many archaeological sites and historic monuments in the area, or simply enjoy the region’s beautiful countryside. Visitors can explore the local wineries and taste some of the region’s finest wines, or visit the small town of Sedini to soak up the traditional Sardinian atmosphere.

  • Bonifacio in South Corsica: This stunning hilltop town, just a short ferry ride away, is perched on a limestone cliff that rises dramatically from the Mediterranean Sea. Bonifacio is known for its medieval fortress, natural caves and grottoes, and beautiful beaches. 

  • Archipelago La Maddalena: This group of islands boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters in the Mediterranean. Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the archipelago’s hidden coves and bays, or go snorkeling to discover the area’s vibrant marine life.

  • Wineries: The Gallura region of Sardinia, where Isola Rossa is located, is known for its vineyards and wineries that produce some of the island’s most celebrated wines. The area’s unique terroir, with its rocky terrain and Mediterranean climate, creates ideal conditions for growing grapes that produce distinctive and flavorful wines. Local family-run wineries produce high-quality organic wines using traditional methods and native grape varieties, including VermentinoCannonau, and Carignano. Visitors can take a tour of the vineyards and cellars, learn about the wine-making process, before enjoying a tasting of the wines paired with delicious local food.

With so many attractions to explore, visitors to Isola Rossa are in for a treat. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or simply soaking up the Mediterranean sun, this region has something to offer everyone.


Isola Rossa and its surrounding areas boast some of the most breathtaking beaches in Sardinia, each with its own unique character and allure. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches that will surely leave visitors spellbound:

  • Spiaggia Longa: This gorgeous beach, located just a stone’s throw away from the center of Isola Rossa, is a perfect spot for sun worshippers and water enthusiasts. Its fine white sand and crystal-clear waters create an idyllic setting, ideal for relaxation and soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

  • La Marinedda: This beach, located a few miles from Isola Rossa, is a popular destination for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts, thanks to its consistent waves and winds. The beach’s long stretch of white sand is flanked by striking cliffs and rock formations, making for a stunning backdrop.

  • Rena Majore: This pristine beach is located on the northern coast of Sardinia and is surrounded by a natural landscape of breathtaking beauty. The beach is encircled by rolling dunes and verdant hills, and the clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

  • Cala Tinnari: This secluded and picturesque cove is a hidden gem, accessible only by foot. The beach’s tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by striking cliffs, makes for a peaceful and idyllic escape from the crowds.

  • Spiaggia di Li Feruli: This stunning beach near Valledoria is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and clear waters. The beach is nestled amongst beautiful dunes, making for a serene and tranquil setting.

These are just a few of the many stunning beaches that visitors to Isola Rossa can enjoy during their stay. Whether you’re seeking a lively beach with plenty of activities or a peaceful cove for quiet contemplation, the beaches of Sardinia are sure to leave you in awe of their natural beauty.

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