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Oliena, Barbagia, Sardinia, Italy

Su Gologone embodies the essence of Sardinia. Only 25km from the nearest beach, the hotel is surrounded by Mediterranean flora – geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and prickly pears – and steeped in the art and culture of a part of the world that is both rugged and refined. Every detail of the hotel reflects the character its location. The furnishings and materials – juniper wood, terracotta and inlaid plaster – are deeply authentic. Stay with us and enjoy warm hospitality, untainted nature, enduring customs and mouth-watering cuisine.

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Loc. Su Gologone – 08025 OLIENA (NU) SARDEGNA

About Su Gologone

Su Gologone embodies the essence of Sardinia. Only 25km from the nearest beach, the hotel is surrounded by Mediterranean flora – geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and prickly pears – and steeped in the art and culture of a part of the world that is both rugged and refined. Every detail of the hotel reflects the character its location. The furnishings and materials – juniper wood, terracotta and inlaid plaster – are deeply authentic. Stay with us and enjoy warm hospitality, untainted nature, enduring customs and mouth-watering cuisine.

The story of the hotel began with a revolutionary idea. It seems incredible now, but when, in the 1960s, Peppeddu Palimodde began serving local cuisine close to the Su Gologone spring, he was responsible for bringing the Supramonte region out of historical isolation. ‘When we were engaged,’ recalls his wife, Pasqua, ‘Peppeddu wanted to do something to celebrate the land he loved. He thought opening a restaurant was the perfect way to do this. When we returned from our honeymoon, he’d convinced me it was a good idea.’

In 1967, Oliena’s first ever restaurant, Su Gologone, opened its doors. No one could have predicted that the simple food locals cooked every day would have such an impact. The restaurant was such a success that the Palimodde family opened a small hotel to accommodate the stream of visitors arriving from abroad to taste their cuisine. Slowly, tourists were realising there was a different Sardinia to be discovered beyond the island’s beautiful beaches.

Today, travellers are welcomed by Pasqua and her daughter, Giovanna. Giovanna has transformed the hotel into a world-renowned destination, creating interiors which feature the works of major Sardinian artists and furnishings made in Su Gologone’s own Botteghe d’Arte. She also designed alfresco settings such as the Terrazzo del Sogni, Terrazzo dei Desideri and Magico Tablao bar, and plenty of hidden corners you’ll discover during your stay.

Rooms & Suites

Each of our rooms is unique and embodies the rich artistic traditions of Sardinian culture. Featuring original art, textiles and artisan furnishings, Su Gologone’s decor is full of surprises – there’s a delight for the eye in every nook and corner.

Classic rooms: 
The classic rooms of the tradition

Deluxe rooms: All of the traditional rooms feature Sardinian furnishings, with bright colours that stand out against the characteristic white Sardinian plaster; some have a four-poster bed, made from iron or wood, as was customary at one time in the local homes.

Shepherd’s rooms: Two suites and two bedrooms, with built-in beds, white-resin floors and juniper-wood beams that run along the ceiling. All of the fabrics used are those of the shepherding tradition: there is orbace (a woolen fabric produced through an age-old process), as well as hide and Sardinian wool. The wooden furnishings have been carved by local cabinet-makers.  In the garden, there is a scene depicting shepherds returning from grazing their flocks; the wooden cut-outs were created by Liliana Cano – one of the greatest Sardinian artists of the 20th century. Su Gologone has a wonderful collection of her pieces.

Junior Art Suites: 11 suites and 12 junior suites, each dedicated to a great 20th-century Sardinian artist, including Francesco Ciusa (considered the island’s finest sculptor), Federico Melis, Giuseppe Biasi and Edina Altara. The rooms feature traditional (often period) furnishings, authentic designer pieces, art books and precious embroidery created by the skilled hands of the women of Oliena.

Country Suites

Art suites: With fireplace, a lovely Juniper and beam out, on a garden terrace, the bath such as once, without whirlpool, because sciuperebbe with its noise silence of this atmosphere suspended in time; or with a large relaxation area, the games of the past and the window when open it makes you breathe the scents of herbs.

Two separate areas with:

  • double bedroom or twin
  • the living area

Art Studio Suite: This room was originally Giovanna’s atelier, where she used to paint. Because of the beauty and the energy of the space, which has its own private rose garden, she felt she couldn’t keep this special corner of peace and tranquility, just steps from the swimming pool, to herself and so she has decided to share her atelier with guests who would like to paint or do something creative while on holiday at su Gologone. Paintings, sculptures and other works of art can be found in rooms, common areas and, of course, in the Botteghe d’arte (The Art and Craft Studio) but the Atelier offers a new way to experience art at the hotel. Its explosion of colours is perfectly complemented by the assortment of brushes, canvas, coloured pencils and paper and an easel, placed at the disposal of guests.

It’s own private world, the Atelier comes with everything the aspiring artist needs. The en suite bedroom can be shut off behind sliding doors, and comes with all the mod-cons; a 40” TV, CD player, iPad and free wifi. Additional amenities include a Nespresso coffee maker, an ironing kit and a beach bag, containing sunscreen, towels and a straw hat. The garden is the location of an outdoor double bath, ideal for bathing under the stars and an open-air living room that is screened by billowing curtains. The veranda has its own table and chairs and overlooks the small courtyard and private rose garden, as well as spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, framed by trees and plants, which will delight anyone who likes to paint alfresco. Should they feel so inspired, Atelier guests are also invited to display their paintings at the Studio.

Round-the-clock butler service, private dinners in the rose garden, a baby-sitter and a nurse can be arranged upon request.

Cuisine: A fogu lentu

Sardinian cuisine expresses a simple approach to life, imbued in its cheeses, spit-roasted meats, pane carasau, handmade pasta, olive oil and distinctive wines. At Su Gologone, mealtimes are saturated with the fragrances and flavours of Barbagia. Our (low carbon-footprint) breakfast is a delectable offering of Oliena honey, conserves, cheeses and charcuterie, as well as our own breads and pastries. Lunch and dinner are laced with local character too. Savour maccarones de busa (handmade bucatini) and culurgiones (ravioli filled with local ricotta), porceddu allo spiedo (spit-roasted suckling piglet), and seadas al miele (honey fritters). Meals with us will be memories that linger!

A la carte Restaurant

Su Gologone’s restaurant is spread across a terrace with stunning views and rooms decorated with Sardinian art and crafts. The scent of meat slowly roasting over an open fire is bound to entice you in! Our a la carte menu features classic Sardinian dishes, and much of the produce comes directly from our own farm and vegetable garden. Next to the restaurant, the hotel shop sells Sardinian foods to take home as mementos, alongside local artisanal tableware and utensils.

Nido del pane

Su Gologone’s Nido del Pane (‘bread nest’) lies at the heart of the hotel. Here you can watch how Sardinian women, dressed in typical Oliena fashion, have been making bread for centuries. They’ll prepare different local specialities such as pane carasau (a crisp, wafer-thin flatbread). When it’s ready, it’s for sharing among everyone.

Glass displays across the Nido del Pane illustrate Sardinia’s breads: those made for special occasions, those dedicated to the saints, and even play breads that were baked for children.

Corte de su Re

In the Corte De Su Re (King’s Court), time really has stood still. The bricks used for the floor and the stone columns date from the 17th century; the wooden tables are adorned with typical Sardinian panniers; and the vibrantly coloured plates are enamelled iron. Between June and September, two evenings a week (or on request for parties), guests are invited to immerse themselves in Sardinia’s culinary traditions: the ancient rustic techniques used to bake bread and spit-roast meat.  You’ll be welcomed by candlelight, walking on a carpet of wild herbs that imparts an intense perfume. The atmosphere is magical.

Pool Gazebo Buffet

The pool bar

Kitchen Garden

Seasonal local vegetables that go directly to our restaurant, aromatic herbs and olive trees – our gardens are wonderful places to meander through and explore.


Magico Tablao

Guests and locals – everyone loves to meet here. Designed by Giovanna Palimodde, it’s an enchanting place to sip an aperitif and try some Sardinian artichoke and wild cardoon antipasti, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Supramonte. Or come after dinner for a digestif. We have 15 grappas, most of which are Sardinian, and local liqueur made from herbs and berries. Once a week (usually Friday or Saturday), we’ll treat you to canti a tenores, the polyphonic Sardinian folk singing recognised by Unesco as an important aspect of the world’s cultural heritage.

Bar Francesco Ciusa

The bar ciusa

Botteghe d’Arte Su Gologone Style ®

The passion we have for Sardinian culture starts in our craft studios. Embroidery, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, woodwork and wrought iron objects, all created by skilled master weavers and artisans, are displayed across the Botteghe d’Arte. Some pieces are limited editions; others are unique. Everything used to furnish Su Gologone can be purchased here. Displayed in a beautiful piece of 1940s furniture, there are also infusions, essential oils and bath products made using aromatic herbs like myrtle, juniper, helichrysum reared in our garden.

Craft studios

Su Gologone’s six studios are housed in former stables, and showcase artworks and artisanal objects crafted in the ‘Su Gologone’ style. This is where extraordinary embroidered shawls, sculptural iron and woodwork, and remarkable ceramics take shape. If you feel like getting creative, we run classes in sewing, embroidery, origami, mosaic, drawing and painting.

Creative classes

  1. Decoration
  2. Sewing
  3. Embroidery
  4. Painting
  5. Drawing

Reservation required.

Experiences: Ite ahes

There are so many relaxing and pleasurable things to do at Su Gologone, we hope you won’t find it too hard to choose! Whatever it is – a tour of the hotel’s art collection, a wine tasting, a film under the stars, or an adventure into the landscape, we want you to take a little piece of Sardinia home with you.




Although the wonderful Sardinian seaside is just a handful of kilometres away, the swimming pool (open from the end of April to October 15th)  is an excellent alternative. 25 metres long, the water in it comes exclusively from the Su Gologone spring, just 500 metres from the hotel. Alongside, there are two hydromassage tubs (one located among the olive trees), as well as the gym with its Technogym-brand equipment. At the gazebo bar (open from May to October 15th), you will find a delightful buffet with snacks and local specialities and, resting atop some of the stumps, wooden board games.
Other Featurs:
  • Beauty studio
  • Yoga & Reiki
  • Gym

Weddings: Estas

An extraordinary venue in which to experience and immortalise the most significant events of your life.

The bride’s room

A sumptuous room with, centrally positioned, a wrought-iron bed made in Bosa and dating from the late 19th century; Bosa was also the source for the lacework embellishing the curtains and the chest, on which the bride’s jug sits. Near the bed, hanging above an antique chaplet, is Francesco Ciusa’s Maternità, painted in the 1930s.