Easter magic in Sardinia

Sardinian Holy Week is a unique and exciting experience: rituals, processions and choral moments of great expressive force and suggestion are still repeated throughout the island. The processions of the Mysteries, the touching rites of the deposition from the cross, Su Scravamentu, and the encounter between the statues of Jesus and the Madonna, S’Incontru, are […]

How to Visit Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and found west of the Italian peninsula. The island is commonly called a microcontinent because it hosts a variety of ecosystems. Sardinia, contains woodland mountains, wild plains, pebbly shorelines and some spectacular beaches with blue clear sea. Sardinia’s main attraction is the impressive coastline […]

Winter Holidays in Sardinia

Diverse sides of Sardinia’s life through taste and flavors, wine and food, culture and traditions, wonderful local people and the pure atmosphere of island life. Each day is dedicated to a specific area with its history and cuisine, which varies from place to place. Each day will be full of emotions, new sensations, wonderful sites, genuine […]

Charming Wedding and Honeymoon in Sardinia Italy

One of the most coveted destinations for engagement, weddings, honeymoons and romantic travels

Food & Wine Tour “Visit Sardinia VIP” Mediterranean Spring Flavors

Spring food and wine tour in Sardinia 7 nights with private guided tours, tasting various Sardinian cuisine, visiting the best wineries and dining in the best typical restaurants.
Visit Sardinia in a most beautiful time of the year – blooming spring on the island of one hundred flowers and flavors! New season, new experience, new cuisine and new wine. Discovering new places, tastes, flavors and millennial traditions in the heart of the Mediterranean in outstanding food and wine program “Carrera de Sos Sabores” – Road of Tastes Visit Sardinia VIP, lifetime journey and story about hidden Sardinia.

Delicious Carnival in Sardinia

Carnival period is one of the most interesting for visiting Sardinia to discover local traditions and gastronomic goodies which is possible to taste only during this period. From February spring is already felt in the air in Sardinia with mimosa, almond blossom, green hills and yellow colors of orange groves. You can find your Mediterranean […]