How to Visit Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and found west of the Italian peninsula. The island is commonly called a microcontinent because it hosts a variety of ecosystems. Sardinia, contains woodland mountains, wild plains, pebbly shorelines and some spectacular beaches with blue clear sea. Sardinia’s main attraction is the impressive coastline […]

Winter Holidays in Sardinia

Diverse sides of Sardinia’s life through taste and flavors, wine and food, culture and traditions, wonderful local people and the pure atmosphere of island life. Each day is dedicated to a specific area with its history and cuisine, which varies from place to place. Each day will be full of emotions, new sensations, wonderful sites, genuine […]

Charming Wedding and Honeymoon in Sardinia Italy

One of the most coveted destinations for engagement, weddings, honeymoons and romantic travels