A Sunset Sailboat Cruise in Costa Smeralda

Baja Sardinia, Province of Sassari, Italy
Not Rated

A Sunset Sailboat Cruise in Costa Smeralda

Baja Sardinia, Province of Sassari, Italy
Not Rated

5 hours


Up to 3 days

Group Size

12 people


English, Italian

A Dreamy Floating Escape: A Sunset Sailboat Cruise Like No Other

Journey by sailboat into the turquoise waters of the La Maddalena archipelago under a blanket of sunset colors. Departing at 6pm, you will spend the evening surrounded by sea and sky in a private boat tour Sardinia from Costa Smeralda.

As the sun dips below the horizon around 8pm, enjoy a delicious seafood dinner prepared by your captain and crew. Sip local wine while taking in the stunning views of the islands’ granite cliffs and secluded bays, glittering in the twilight.

Feel the breeze in your hair and the salt on your lips as night falls, bathing the islands in a warm glow. Learn about the history, culture and charm of La Maddalena from your knowledgeable captain while sharing stories with fellow guests.

There is no better way to experience the beauty, romance and magic of an Archipelago La Maddalena sunset than on the deck of a private boat. As the last embers of sunset fade into night around 10pm, head back to port, tired but inspired after an unforgettable hours surrounded by sea and sky.

Make cherished memories that will last forever during this special sunset cruise and dinner amidst the picturesque islands of La Maddalena. Departing at 6pm and returning at 11pm, over 5 romantic hours await you on the sea. An idyllic escape for two or relaxing time with family and friends, this sunset boat tour is not to be missed!


  • Private sunset sailboat tour in the La Maddalena archipelago from Costa Smeralda
  • Departure time from Baja Sardinia at 6 pm, returning at 11 pm (5 hours total)
  • Maximum capacity of 12 passengers on board
  • Enjoy the turquoise waters and stunning views of the islands' granite cliffs and secluded bays at sunset
  • Seafood dinner prepared by the captain and crew included
  • Local wine served during the tour
  • Romantic and unforgettable experience for couples or fun and relaxing for families and friends
  • Guests are advised to bring their swimsuits and towels

  • Private sailing boat
  • Embarkation
  • Crew
  • Dinner with drinks
  • Fuel
  • Transfer to/from the port
  • Extra meals and drinks
  • Extra services
  • Tips

5 hours


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Baja Sardinia, Province of Sassari, Italy
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